Thursday, July 31, 2008

runner up crack

So my adorable mom's been spending her free time at the beach off the coast of Mass and finally took me a crack pic. I know she's a frequent reader because she sends me cryptic comments never using her real name but until now she had yet to contribute. Let me also say that as far as picture taking goes I'm sort of the family photographer so I give her extra kudos for even having her cammycam with her. Just know folks that this pic (we're talking about you in the blue) is the runner up to the way better man crack that she almost snapped but took too long getting her dusty cam out of her beach bag (love you) so this one is only slightly cracktastic if you zoom and squint but the gem here is that its the first east coast crack featured here on cracknsmack. My only disappointment is that it is not of my mothers crack because if cracks could talk hers would say, yous a wicked sicko ova heeea takin a pictha of ya mothas crack, the red soxs would all be ashamed of yas even tho yas got manny now.
*slight accent exageration for effort. I think it really adds a little extra something, don't ya think?