Monday, September 15, 2008

The VP of cracks presents.....

Hi crack heads! I'm Leigha's friend Anj and I am guest blogging about crack. I live in Chicago and you can only imagine how much we love our crack in the Midwest. This summer I saw a fair amount of crack and I thought I'd share a dose of the Chicago style crack. My LA friend Joel and his friend Ben were visiting and most of these crack opps were spotted by them. You can take the crack spotters out of LA, but you're still gonna see some crack no matter what. They were amazed by how crack friendly we are in Chi-town. CRACK ALERT! This one comes with it's own siren. It's like "CAUTION WIDE LOAD". This is one of those proud and loud cracks. Notice the use of vibrant color that only emphasizes the amount of crack contained in those pants.

I bet you didn't know that Chicago had a beach did you? We spend all
winter drinking beer and eating brats so that we can have nice warm
belly rolls. By the time summer comes around were on Lake Michigan
drinking more beer and eating Chicago Style Hot Dogs. But that's not
all you can get at Chicago's North Avenue Beach...

This next one is an import. You're looking at Australian kiwi by way
of Chicago. She obviously hasn't been in Chicago that long or else
her kiwi would be looking more like a bikkie (that's biscuit to an

Stay tuned next summer for more Chi-bootie! Hoo-roo!

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