Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Party in the back and business in the front

This is a crack blog and that there most certanly isn't crack. However today it's better because today I wanted to post this mullet and goofy mask pic. By the way, much snaps to the lady in the mask. It takes a lot to declare to the world "my ass is so infected with shit that i'm going to spare you the second hand breathe of mine, that may just kill you by wearing this mask". As if that wasn't enough to distract me while standing in line for a half hour waiting for a prescription to be filled, I also got a mullet man wearing a FULL CHAMBORAY outfit. That was the hype shit back in the day when I was in MIDDLE SCHOOL but I guess to a mexi rocking a mullet it's a fashion staple. I have to say, I sorta respect it.

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