Tuesday, March 31, 2009


In the year or so since I started this blog butt cracks have become much less shocking. Maybe this is only in my mind, but in this super-speed culture a butt crack almost seems demure, sweet really. Maybe it's my location that has me thinking this way. This is LA and pants seem to be becoming optional.
I feel bad though for ignoring the cracks but I blame it on them ignoring me. So I posted to my facebook that I've been a bad bad blogger and I received some interested people with cracks to share. I think this is a good way to jump start my coming back to crack. So to get started, this crack comes from Portland. A city I love so much and ALMOST have myself convinced I could live again (although to be fair, I'd probably be moving alone as Chadd's not too interested). Anyways, an old friend from my spotlight dance days (jazz hands!) sent me this gem. HI CHELSEA!. The story goes like this:

Hey! So... we were out and about with our neighbor one night and I told him about your site and he became obsessed. This is just 1 of many photos... but I'll spare you the pain of the rest. He started walking around downtown with pretty much his entire ass exposed ... but he would keep dropping change then bending over to pick it up in turn sharing his ass with people in restaurants, people waiting for the train, you get the idea.

So these are the kind of people living in the marvelous land of Portland, OR. Not bad eh? And if you'd like to read more from a person who is willing to walk around with a guy who has his ass hanging out AND is willing to document the whole enchilada then check her lovely blog out...http://snowflakesareangelkisses.blogspot.com/

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